Karl Pilkington

Anyone who has spent more than 30 minutes with me will have heard about KP. I truly believe him to be the funniest man alive. Some of the choicest titbits of this modern day genius:

* proposing that everyone have a little badge saying “KP looks after me” if he was Prime Minister
* giving his girlfriend of nearly two decades a pat on the head before leaving for work and, when asked if he loves her, saying “yeah, you’re all right”
* having a pet magpie called Maggie in his youth, who used to peck his head and the tyres on his Grifter
* inventing words and phrases like “glunge,” “flumpf” and “willy nillily”
* too many funny and ludicrous stories to mention, like baguettes being invented so Napoleon’s army could fit food down their trouser legs, and the monkey, named “Number 46″ who drove to Spain (not to mention the monkey who robbed a bank).

To find out more about this comedy legend, have a look at pilkipedia.co.uk or search on YouTube.