Recipe books

I used to have a cupboard full of recipe books. I hardly ever looked at any of them, and when I did, I mostly just salivated over the recipes without actually cooking anything. I moved out of a property in 2010 and left the books in the kitchen cupboard. By the time I realised, it was much too late to do anything about it. :-(

Now, I have only three recipe books:

“A Girl Called Jack,” by Jack Monroe (ISBN 978-0-718-17894-9)
“The Pauper’s Cookbook,” by Jocasta Innes (ISBN 0-7112-2240-1)
“Ma Cuisine,” by Auguste Escoffier (ISBN 0-7493-0955-5).

The Jack Monroe book is one of the best things I’ve ever bought. Most things I eat come from there. It has lots of vegan recipes, but also has meaty and veggie stuff too. I can’t wait to get Jack Monroe’s new book, which came out not long ago. Many of her recipes are available on her blog at But the book, though, if you can afford it – it’s totally worth it. It’s only about seven pounds brand new.

I cooked from “Pauper” for the first time today – spicy chickpeas. Very nice. Served it with lemon juice, peas and toast and marmite.

I haven’t cooked from the Escoffier yet, but am looking forward to it very much. It doesn’t have much that’s vegan, but what is there looks great.